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As a financial institution dealing with very sensitive member information it is vital that we deal with a reputable company that is aware of our needs. Office Paper Systems has met those needs on many occasions. Whenever we needed a scheduled pickup, an extra pickup, a change in a pickup or needed extra supplies (bins - recycle boxes for staff) they have honored our request in a timely manner. Thank you Office Paper Systems for your support over the past several years.

S. A. Makell Washington, DC
Document Shredding Services

On Site Shredding

photo of shredded paperA growing number of commercial, non-profit, and government enterprises require that their sensitive documents be securely destroyed on site following strict guidelines and regulations. Our on site document shredding services eliminate the need for transportation to a fixed destruction facility, minimizing links in the chain of custody. 

Office Paper Systems provides secure document destruction at the customer’s location using state-of-the-art equipment.  Customers are issued certificates of destruction and the shredded documents are recycled to provide an additional level of security and environmental benefits.

Security Process

Customers place sensitive documents in locked security containers provided by Office Paper Systems. Insured and bonded Office Paper Systems personnel service the containers on scheduled dates agreed by the customer. In view of the customer, the containers are unlocked and emptied into the truck’s shredder. Customers can view the process through the digital monitors attached to the truck. All documents will be destroyed on site and all vehicles are securely locked and GPS tracked to ensure additional security.

Equipment Used

Office Paper Systems provides locked security containers of various sizes depending on client needs. Our on site shredding trucks securely house state-of-the-art Vecoplan shredders. Grinders tear, shred, and pulverize documents to ensure the material can not be reconstructed.

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